Privacy Policy - Cookies and what we do with your data

Hi. This page explains what cookies are, why Jocasi uses them and for what purpose and what other 3rd parties may use them for too. We also talk about other data we may collect from or about you. It's gonna be a long read..... goes....

Cookies are small pieces of data left on your computer that are specific to the functioning of many websites. They are often temporary. They can be deleted by you by via your web browser settings if you so wish at anytime. You may wish to do this after buying something from Jocasi if you are concerned about this. We understand that some people may not like any perceived or actual invasion of privacy so we are obliged to explain what we do with cookies and other data we or other parties may have about you when you use the website. Indeed all websites are encouraged by the ICO in the UK to do this as a result of an EU directive where cookies are involved. is an ecommerce web site run by Jocasi for the purpose of selling fashion products. We use cookies to track your way through our site and keep track of what you are selecting to buy. We don't necessarily or specifically know who you are, we use cookies to keep tabs on where you as a web user are in the process of selecting and ordering so that our website can work.

When you checkout and pay, you are directed to paypal, a leading payment processing company to complete your transaction by credit card/debit card or indeed your paypal account if you have one and want to use that instead. PayPal uses cookies too for the purpose of payment processing. They also have a privacy policy.

Also we use GoogleAnalytics which uses cookies to help us track what parts of our website are of most interest to customers and from where they have received recommendations or how they have discovered our website so that we can understand better how to promote ourselves in future.

Users on our Jocasi websiite may if they wish for convenience record their address details so that they can quickly order more items from us at a later date. In whatever way you use our site and tell us about your name and shipping address, we retain this information for our records when you buy something from us. Jocasi itself doesn't retain credit card or debit card details of our customers. We defer payment processing to PayPal. They also have a privacy policy.

Customers may if they wish subscribe to our newsletter to be delivered by email. Obviously we retain a customer (e-)mailing list to do this. Currently we use a 3rd party mailing list system called mailchimp to do this. They also have a privacy policy.