About Us

Welcome to the refined world of Jocasi, where your privacy is paramount, and exclusivity is inherent. With a legacy spanning 22 years, Jocasi stands not just as a brand but as a testament to sophistication and quality. Since our inception in London in 2002, we have been synonymous with crafting aspirational, high-quality bags, including the iconic Kepis Bag and Moon belts. 

Committed to the highest standards, all our bags and belts are CITIES compliant and meticulously handcrafted by experienced Balinese Artisans. Our dedication to excellence is further exemplified by a discerning returns policy, allowing you 30 days to immerse yourself in the luxurious experience.

Jocasi is more than a brand; it's an ever-evolving journey. Our dynamic collection, guided by a diverse team of designers and advisors, embraces freshness and innovation. 

Our lightweight yet enduring bags, crafted from Java leather and python, showcase natural beauty and elegance. Preserving the essence of each creation, a special varnished finish protects against the elements. 

Join us on a journey where every creation tells a story of natural beauty and enduring elegance. Shop now and experience the epitome of timeless luxury.

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