About Us

Jocasi is an aspirational brand, hand creating high quality bags available to everyone not just the super rich. Although they are of course welcome too!
Jocasi from London, since 2002, with our legendary Kepis Bag and Moon belts.
All of our bags and belts are CITIES compliant, from sustainable and sensible sources.


Jocasi products are hand-crafted by experienced Balinese Artisans, using only carefully selected materials of the absolute highest quality.
In fact we are so confident that our RETURNS POLICY allows returns up to 30 days as we are so sure you will fall in love with your bag or belt.


Although Jocasi is well known for our quality, workmanship  and attention to detail our designers and advisors, who decide on which new shapes and colours and ideas to use, range from young to mature and experienced; that's why the homepage is constantly changing as new bags are being added into the Collection as styles sell fast.


We keep constantly fresh with newness.
So if you see something you like, get it there and then, Everything on www.jocasi.com comes with a soft velvet dust bag, Free Guaranteed Royal Mail next day delivery by 1pm (if in the UK) (if overseas a flat £12 fee anywhere in the world - takes 3 - 4 days max) and is sent insured with tracking details which we send to you, and is our responsibility until it’s on your hands.. also everything has a 5 Year guarantee.


The bags are so light, that's what our clients love, but last forever - so rare to have a complaint but if you do, you shall be treated like royalty; I promise! Every Jocasi item made using our Java leather and python has been manufactured according to traditional principles so to enhance the natural characteristics of the leather, such as contrasting tones and small imperfections. These characteristics along with slight abrasions, the depth of colour, must be considered assets, and aspects of natural beauty.


In order to preserve its characteristics, its beauty and naturalness and lustre - the precious leather has a special varnished finish (achieved by vigorous polishing with an agate stone) to help protect against the elements. Of course avoid leaving your bag in direct sunlight (or rain) for any significant amount of time.


Each and every bag and belt has a 5 year guarantee, however expect yours to last you a lifetime. The Jocasi team and I are always delighted to answer any questions you may have.
In fact I love to hear your feedback!