About our products and how to take care of them

Dear Jocasi customer,

Jocasi products are crafted by experienced Balinese artisans using only carefully selected materials of the absolute highest quality.

Jocasi Guarantees – both internally and along its supply chain – that Internationally and European recognised standards of social and environmental responsibility are totally and completely respected, consistent with Jocasis own commitment to the ethical and sustainable management of its operations. Up to date videos of our tailors crafting your bag are regularly posted on www.jocasi.com and FB.

Every Jocasi item made using this leather has been manufactured according to traditional principles so to enhance the natural characteristics of the leather, such as contrasting tones and small imperfections. These characteristics along with the susceptibility to abrasions, the fragility of the depth of colour, the fading, which occurs in areas of greatest wear, must not be considered defects but assets, and aspects of natural leather.

In order to preserve its characteristics, its beauty and naturalness and lustre - the precious leather has a special varnished finish (achieved by vigorous polishing with an agate stone) to help protect against the elements. Of course try to avoid leaving your bag open to direct sunlight (or rain) for any significant amount of time.

Each and every bag and belt has a 5 year guaranteed however expect to last you a lifetime. The Jocasi team are always delighted to answer any questions you may have.