Jocasi Python Handbags

Jocasi python handbags are made from 100% natural organic python leather.

These skins are exclusively from Java and are farmed in an ethical and completely sustainable and sensible way and every bag has a CITIES license.

Pythons reproduce at an incredible rate which is why you can Google “Python Florida” to see the issues they have down there.

Jocasi python handbags are handcrafted by our famous, experienced and talented Artisans on the paradise island of Bali Indonesia, using centuries old traditional principles to enhance the natural characteristics. Each python handbag takes two to three days to make. The leather trimmings on each bag are lambs leather, and rather like a sushi chef a python tailor must watch and learn for years as an apprentice. Jocasi python bags are on a par with the highest couture brands in the world, however our python bags are accessible by price to everyone not just the super rich! Jocasi python bags are built light but will last you forever. The metal fittings on the python handbags are imported from Italy.

To preserve the beauty and lustre of your python Jocasi handbag the precious leather has a special varnished finish, achieved by vigorous polishing with an agate stone, which will protect against the elements. Each Jocasi python bag has a 5 year guarantee but you can expect your python handbag to last you forever!

Please feel free to email if you have any questions about python handbags.