The History of One of the Most Famous Python Snakeskin Handbags by Jocasi

Jocasi python snakeskin handbags you can see here are modeled by the 'Jo' from Jocasi, who is my daughter Jodi.

My name is Simon, I am the 'Si' of Jocasi.

The first snakeskin python handbag made by Jocasi was the famous Jocasi Python Kepis Bag.

The history of the famous Jocasi snakeskin python Kepis bag is actually pretty interesting. Villagers in the Artisan village of Ubud (which is right in the centre of Bali, in Indonesia) used to walk or cycle to the coast to fish in the sea to feed their families. There was one issue, which was taking the bag on the 2 hour trip back to the Artisan village of Ubud.

How to bring a fish back without it getting damaged or broken up?

So they created and designed a special, boat shaped bag called the “Kepis”.

This allowed the fish to lay flat in the bag and be ventilated for the arduous journey, and in great condition on their return.

Please feel free to Google this, and you will see the history.

So fast forward 200 years and our designer and I were strolling through the village chatting with the local Artisans who create masterpiece sculptures and jewellery and beautiful furniture, highly prized and sought after throughout the world, when we saw this bag.

We asked a Collective of local Artisans to make a leather version of this bag which we would show to Topshop Oxford Street, they loved the bag and the bag became an overnight sensation! And sold in the best boutiques and stores all around the world. We gave, and still do to this very day, a percentage of all profits on the Sale of this Jocasi Bag to the Artisans, of which they are very grateful for. However, they are even happier with the fame and respect.